LEBRON James Wade compares with MICHAEL Jordan

More than LeBron James has achieved this year, you can not achieve as professional basketball. He won with the Miami Heat's first NBA title, was elected for the third time as the MVP of the regular season and was also the first Finals MVP. The crowning glory of the Olympic victory was followed by the Dream Team in London.

James has achieved all this at the age of 27 years. As old way was a certain Michael Jordan, as in 1991 he for the first time NBA champion was. Clear that in the U.S. now, the comparisons between the two really driving record.


ordan on hole 18, James at hole 4

As part of this was also James' teammate Dwyane Wade interviewed and dealt extensively with the comparison vs. Jordan. James.

Opposite "ESPNChicago.com" Wade said. "I think everyone knows that James is a phenomenal player Such a we have never seen before, because with its 2.03 meters, he ran as fast as any point guard, jumps so high how each center is just incredibly versatile. But Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. him to excel, we are very hard after all. "

To illustrate, where James is in his opinion, compared to Jordan, used calf an image of the sport. "Both are on one lap, Michael is on the 18th hole, LeBron is somewhere around the 4th hole, he has a very long way to go, but he is still at par and has all the possibilities.


At last, Felix solves Olympic puzzle

LONDON -- There were no tears for Allyson Felix, and no capering around in celebration, either. After a decade spent chasing the perfect 22 seconds, what she most needed to do was exhale. Deeply. Twice.

Her gold-medal time of 21.88 seconds in the 200-meter Olympic event Wednesday wasn't a personal best in the stopwatch sense. It was the culmination of a painstaking couple of years during which Felix tweaked and experimented and hunted for the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle she left out where she could see it every day, waiting to be solved.

She finally pressed them into place: coming out of the blocks without too much of a deficit; building velocity through the curve into the top of the homestretch; opening up her stride -- which stretches out and then ripples like a satin ribbon in the breeze -- at just the right time.

On Kobe Bryant's last Olympics and the final seasons to come

Once again, the United States has a gold medal in Olympic basketball, and the natural order of the roundball world remains intact.

When it was over, Kobe Bryant acknowledged Sunday's game against Spain was his Team USA swan song. "This is it for me," he said. "The other guys are good to go."

It's an exit for Bryant on the international stage (or at least the stage of international competition -- watching his reception in London shows Kobe's career as an international superstar isn't ending anytime soon), where he had a great deal of success. It also foreshadows what's coming, domestically. More than once this summer, Kobe has made reference to playing two or three more years, not necessarily beyond, meaning significant moments like one last gold-medal game are no longer on some distant horizon. His last All-Star Game, his last in the Garden, his last time in front of the home fans, his last playoff game, and so on.

They're all coming, likely sooner rather than later.

It's in that context the Lakers have completely resurrected their title chances with a stunningly effective offseason. Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Antawn Jamison and Jodie Meeks are in, and Jordan Hill returns. Among real contributors to last season's team, only Andrew Bynum and Matt Barnes are out. Management didn't make these moves and push the payroll to $100 million just for Kobe -- they wanted to win before he got there, and will want to win when he's gone -- but no question, there's an awareness this chapter of Lakers history is ending, and if it is to be fully taken advantage of, it has to happen now.

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Andres Iniesta nominated for UEFA Player of the Year award

Arch-rivals Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been nominated for the UEFA Player of the Year award along with Messi's Barcelona teammate Andres Iniesta.

Reigning World Player of the Year Messi beat Ronaldo and Xavi Hernandez to win the inaugural edition of the prize last year, which is awarded after a vote of European sports journalists.


The second edition will be presented in Monaco on August 30 on the sidelines of the draw for the UEFA  Champions League group stages.

Messi was La Liga's top scorer with 50 goals last season, four more than Ronaldo, and capped his season by winning a third Ballon d'Or title.


  But Barcelona finished second behind Real Madrid who set records for most La Liga wins in a season with 32, most goals scored (121) and best goal difference (plus-89) en route to a first league title in four years.